With a following in the high single digits, Kaitou is an irreverent look at webcomics and what could (but probably shouldn’t) go into them. This includes writing, drawing, themes, merchandising, cons and anything even remotely related to the webcomics industry.

Currently scheduled (for lack of a better term) for new comics every Monday.  Best to follow it via the RSS feed or on twitter: @kaitou_ (note the trailing underscore).

The comic came in to being as a byproduct of helping another webcomic (or two) put together a comicpress site; what better way to try it out and test features than to create a webcomic? This test comic has been going on since September 2008.

Note: You may experience random changes to the site from time to time; that would be me playing around with features, plugins or themes in order to support said clients.

Kaitou is also available for consulting with Linux, apache, mySQL, PHP, WordPress, ComicPress, Comic Easel and other arcane computer stuff.

Kaitou also suffers from the bane of all full-time cartoonists: a day job. This explains the weekly schedule (not to mention the rather rushed-looking art).

You can email kaitou via kaitou at this domain (leave off the www).

Kaitou resides on the outskirts of Boston, MA.