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Sep 19Er, hi…
Sep 27A Start?
Sep 28Sunday!
Oct 4More complex
Oct 5Sunday?
Oct 11Features?
Oct 18Missed one
Oct 19Almost…
Oct 26Moods illustrated
Nov 1On time
Nov 8Phases Of The Blob
Nov 15What To Do
Nov 22Raison d’être
Nov 23Too Much Scotch
Dec 9Next Step
Dec 14Love Story?
Dec 20Gaming?
Dec 25Happy Holidays


Jan 3No substitute for Hawk
Jan 18Experimentation
Jan 24Fan art
Jan 31Kanji!
Feb 15Not a Valentine
Feb 21Go, Blob! Go!
Feb 28New and Improved!
Mar 7Abominable Blob
Mar 14Adding backgrounds
Mar 21Punctuate
Mar 29Fantasies
Apr 1April 1
Apr 5Steampunking
Apr 11Sci-Fi
Apr 18Monsters
Apr 25Art theft
May 2Art theft 2
May 11Crowd scene
May 16My Day
May 23Swine
May 30Merchandise
Jun 3Merchandise 2 (#39)
Jun 6Print Media
Jun 10Print Media 2 (#41)
Jun 13Merchandise 3 (#42)
Jun 17Plushies!
Jun 20T-shirts
Jun 24Art style
Jun 27Regarding
Jul 1Sprite
Jul 4Sprites, and, uh, less?
Jul 8Fanart #2
Jul 11When Styles Collide
Jul 15Fonts
Jul 18Advertise!
Jul 22Buffer
Jul 25SDCC
Jul 29Collectives
Aug 1Con Job
Aug 5Plushie – Round 2
Aug 8Con job #3
Aug 12Why not stick figures
Aug 15Issues with SSFCs
Aug 20Late!
Aug 26Upgrade
Sep 9Crossover
Sep 12Stick Figures
Sep 16Single Frame
Sep 19Pun-ishment
Sep 23Noteworthy
Sep 26Superblob
Sep 30Random Art Day
Oct 3We are not a-mused
Oct 7That Sinking Feeling
Oct 10Gone Fishing
Oct 14Pen Pal
Oct 17Go Hottubbing?
Oct 21Morning
Oct 24Midday
Oct 28Afternoon
Oct 31Halloween
Nov 4Evening
Nov 7Night
Nov 11Lowest Rung
Nov 14Cons to Avoid
Nov 25Blob, P.I.
Nov 28Blob PI, part 2
Dec 2Blob, P.I., part 3
Dec 5Blob, P.I., part 4
Dec 9Blob, P.I., part 5
Dec 12Blob, P.I., part 6
Dec 16Blob, P.I., part 7
Dec 19Blob, P.I., part 8
Dec 23Blob, P.I., part 9
Dec 26Winter Intermission


Jan 6Blob, P.I., part 10
Jan 16Blob, P.I., part 11
Jan 23Blob, P.I., part 12
Jan 27Blob, P.I., part 13
Jan 30Writer’s block, again?
Feb 3Blob Art
Feb 6In case I don’t make it back…
Feb 10Meta-Writer’s Block
Feb 13Chick Comic
Feb 18Fear of Heights
Feb 20Reject Comic Ideas
Feb 26Frogmouth Bird
Mar 6Koala Cold Turkey
Mar 10Buffer
Mar 13More Buffer
Mar 17St. Paddy’s Day
Mar 20Buffer Woes
Mar 24Once Upon a TIme
Mar 27Fairy Tale, Pt. 2
Apr 18Fairy Tale, Pt. 3
Apr 25Fairy Tale, Pt. 4
Apr 28Guest strip.
May 1Fairy Tale, Pt. 5
May 5Fairy Tale, Pt. 6
May 16Fairy Tale, Pt. 7
May 22Fairy Tale, Pt. 8
May 29Fairy Tale, Pt. 9
Jun 6Fairy Tale, Pt. 10
Jun 12Fairy Tale, Pt. 11
Jun 26Delays, Delays
Jul 23Indistinguishable from what?
Jul 31Conorrhea
Aug 7Fairy Tale, Pt. 12
Aug 17Fairy Tale, Pt. 13
Aug 22Fairy Tale, Pt. 14
Aug 29Fairy Tale, Pt. 15
Sep 5Fairy Tale, Pt. 16
Sep 12Fairy Tale, Pt. 17
Sep 26Fairy Tale, Pt. 18
Oct 3Fairy Tale, Pt. 19
Oct 10Fairy Tale, Pt. 20
Oct 24Fairy Tale, Pt. 21
Oct 31Fairy Tale, Halloween Special
Nov 7Fairy Tale, Pt. 23 – Fall is in the Air
Nov 25Thanksgiving Interlude
Dec 6Fairy Tale, Pt. 24 – After the Fall
Dec 21Fairy Tale, Pt. 25


Jan 10Fairy Tale, Interim
Jan 17Fairy Tale, Pt. 26
Jan 24Fairy Tale, Pt. 27
Jan 24Fairy Tale, Pt. 27
Jan 31Fairy Tale, Pt. 28
Feb 7Fairy Tale, Pt. 29
Feb 14Fairy Tale, Pt. 30
Feb 21Fairy Tale, Pt. 31
Mar 7A Slice of Death
Mar 14Giant Robot
Mar 21New Layout
Mar 28Magical Girl Kaitou
Apr 4Chibi
Apr 11A New Low
Apr 24Happy Easter
May 1May Day
May 8Happy Mother’s Day
May 15How Does This Happen?
May 22R*pture
May 297 Ways I’m Going to Hell
Jun 5Shortcut
Jun 12Duh Mob
Jun 19Duh Mob, Pt. 2
Jun 26Were-What?
Jul 3Why the Cook Eats Last
Jul 11Google-
Jul 18Same old Groans
Jul 25The Theme of Groans
Aug 1How I Work
Aug 8Appearances
Aug 14I, My, Meme
Aug 21Hi-Def
Aug 29Smell-o-Tron 2000
Sep 4Trouble Brewin’
Sep 11Dead End
Sep 18Pet Yeast
Oct 1Beer Label
Oct 9Is It Ready, Yet?
Oct 16Kaitou Reboot
Oct 23For Rent
Oct 31Scary Halloween Story
Nov 6It’s Beer!
Nov 13Bad News
Nov 21Scotchathon XVI
Nov 27Gobble Gobble
Dec 4Night Before Christmas, Pt. 1
Dec 7Night Before Christmas, Pt. 2
Dec 10Night Before Christmas, Pt. 3
Dec 12Night Before Christmas, Pt. 4
Dec 13Night Before Christmas, Pt. 5
Dec 17Night Before Christmas, Pt. 6
Dec 19Night Before Christmas, Pt. 7
Dec 19Night Before Christmas, Pt. 7
Dec 24Night Before Christmas, Pt. 8, 9, 10
Dec 25Night Before Christmas, Pt. 11
Dec 26Night Before Christmas, Pt. 12
Dec 27Night Before Christmas, Pt. 13


Jan 2New Year Resolutions
Jan 9New Year Resolutions, pt 2
Jan 16New Year Resolutions, pt 3: Resolved
Jan 23Chili
Jan 29Sicko
Feb 6Super Bowl
Feb 12Cellular Reasoning
Feb 19Tag Sale
Feb 29Bag It
Mar 4Definition
Mar 12Lessons in Comics: Background
Mar 18Lessons in Comics: Foreground
Mar 25Lessons in Comics: Dialog
Apr 1Recluse Spider Housing
Apr 9DM Manuals
Apr 15Boston Marathon
Apr 22Political Cartoon
Apr 30Lazy
May 7Party Aftermath
May 13Spoof
May 20Brush Pen
May 28Creamer
Jun 3Superblob
Jun 10Superblob – pt 2
Jun 18Superblob, pt.3
Jun 25Superblob, pt.4
Jul 1Superblob, pt.5
Jul 9Dead Kaitou Day
Jul 15Brains…
Jul 29Olympics
Aug 5Traffic Hazard
Aug 12Jumping
Aug 19Beans
Aug 26Food Critters
Sep 3Writer’s What?
Sep 9Meditation
Sep 16Phantom Ring Syndrome
Sep 23Origin?
Sep 30Pandamonium
Oct 7Pandamonium, Pt 2
Oct 14Down Under
Oct 21Fort-itude
Oct 28Halloween Sandy
Nov 4Voting
Nov 18Under the Table
Nov 26The Horror of It All
Dec 2The Gift That Keeps on Giving
Dec 9Rejected Christmas Ideas
Dec 20Them’s the Breaks
Dec 30Wild and Woolly


Jan 7New Year’s Resolution Redux
Jan 14Mass Effect
Jan 21Feed
Jan 28Writer’s What?
Feb 4Blob Mug
Feb 10Winter Wonder Land
Feb 17Styles
Feb 25Cross Styles
Mar 4Cross Styles 2
Mar 12Mangled Studio
Mar 18Wearin’ o’ th’ Green
Mar 24Kickstarting It
Apr 1YouWhat?
Apr 21…And We’re Back
May 5Ice Cream
May 12Car Talk
May 17Rear Window
May 19Playing with Blocks
May 27Spaced Out 1
Jun 4Spaced Out 2
Jun 9Spaced Out 3
Jun 16Spaced Out 4
Jun 23Spaced Out 5
Jul 1Spaced Out 6
Jul 7Spaced Out 7
Jul 14Spaced Out 8
Jul 22Spaced Out 9
Jul 29Spaced Out 10
Aug 4Spaced Out 11
Aug 11Spaced Out 11
Aug 19Spaced Out 12
Aug 26Spaced Out 13
Sep 2Writhing Contest
Sep 8Argh Contest
Sep 15In the Mood
Sep 23Question
Oct 6Proust Grill
Oct 14Proust II
Oct 205th What?
Oct 27If at Proust You Don’t Succeed…
Nov 11A Droidful Project
Nov 17Droidnought
Nov 25Artificially Intelligent
Dec 1Well, This Sucks
Dec 8Falling to Pieces
Dec 15In Livid Color
Dec 23Ho Ho Ho


Jan 1Resolved
Jan 6Shelved
Jan 13Backgrounded
Jan 20Patreoned
Jan 26Mailbag
Feb 2Bad Seats
Feb 9Where Ideas Don’t Come From
Feb 16Meltdown
Feb 23Mugged
Mar 3Blocked
Mar 10Kicked the Bucket Fill
Mar 17Blarney Stone
Mar 24Excuses, Excuses
Apr 2Busted
Apr 7Busted, Again
Apr 14Buffer Time
Apr 21Running…
Apr 27Incommunicado
May 5Out of Body Experience
May 11Remembering…
May 18Art Process
May 26Blank Slate
Jun 9Safety Starts with You
Jun 16Copy? Right.
Jun 30Moving On…
Jul 7Pie Wars
Jul 14Rip
Jul 21If You Can’t Dazzle Them with Brilliance…
Jul 27Comic Con Job
Aug 4Oh, Joy…
Aug 10What You Know
Aug 18Sick Week
Aug 25Ice Bucket Challenged
Sep 1Virus
Sep 7Schedules
Sep 16Not Writer’s Block
Sep 21Storytime
Sep 28Pick a Story, Any Story. Not that one.
Oct 5A Decision, at Last
Oct 13Rock Budgers – Intro
Oct 19Special Effects
Oct 29Arrival at Vespa
Nov 2Job Hunting
Nov 9Prospect
Nov 16A Deal Is Made
Nov 23No comic this week…
Dec 1It’s What Time?
Dec 7Got the Job
Dec 14Rock On
Dec 22Caught


Jan 3On Vacation
Jan 18Interrogation
Jan 25Swallowed
Feb 1Cavity Search
Feb 8Cavity Search 2
Feb 15Cavity Search 3
Feb 22Nabbed
Mar 1Failure
Mar 9Them’s the Rocks
Mar 15Final Payment
Mar 22Rock Budgers – Epilogue
Mar 29Taxing
Apr 5Easter Present
Apr 12Bottled Up
Apr 26Brew Two
May 3Blank Slate
May 11Marketing
May 17Good Marketing
May 25Coffee Shopping It
Jun 1Comic Process
Jun 8Anatomy of the Blob
Jun 15Comic Evolution
Jun 21Enchanting
Jun 29Ideas
Jul 12Readers
Jul 20Chili Today…
Jul 26Mind Reading
Aug 9Frappe
Aug 16Pain
Aug 26Riff Raff
Sep 2Justice
Sep 7Timing
Sep 14Power
Sep 21Half-Baked
Sep 27Seven Years
Oct 11In the Eye of the Beholder
Oct 19Building an Audience
Oct 26Halloween Costumes
Nov 2Blocks
Nov 8Collection
Nov 16No comic today
Nov 24Turkey Pix
Nov 27Black Friday
Nov 29Triple Wood
Dec 6Copying
Dec 13The Farce Awakens
Dec 15The Farce on the Go
Dec 17The Farce Stops Here
Dec 18Pipe Dreams
Dec 20Sandwich
Dec 27Voice Acting


Jan 4Noisy
Jan 12Amused
Jan 17Same Old, Same Old
Jan 25Target
Feb 1Soviet Star Wars
Feb 8Mail Drop
Feb 14Valentine
Feb 22Political Cartoon
Feb 29Leap Day
Mar 7Ideas
Mar 13Spring
Mar 20House on Fire
Mar 27Happy Easter
Apr 4Hands
Apr 11Phoning It In
Apr 18Marathoned Out
Apr 24Panel Layout
May 1Drawn Out
May 9Blocked Again
May 16Gaming Around
May 22Tag Cloud
May 30slo-mo
Jun 7New Computer
Jun 12Aerial Shots
Jun 20Resolution
Jul 4By the Book
Jul 11System Administration
Jul 18Sick – no comic this week
Jul 25Ideas…
Aug 1Startups
Aug 7Comic will be late
Aug 9UI
Aug 15Weather or Not
Aug 22Fan Service
Aug 29Ribs
Sep 5Labor Day
Sep 12DPI
Sep 20Monday’s Comic
Sep 26Halloween?
Oct 2Getting Sirious
Oct 10Cow Cafe
Oct 16Pumpkin Ail
Oct 24Election
Oct 30Custom Costume
Nov 7Late Entry
Nov 14Out of Hiding
Nov 21Thanksgiving Dinner
Nov 28TV
Dec 5The Beer Facts
Dec 12Boonies
Dec 19Almost There
Dec 25Coal


Jan 1Resolution 2017
Jan 9Rogue Zero
Jan 16Water Ban
Jan 23Snow Daze
Jan 30Con-stipation
Feb 6Con-trary
Feb 13Refillable
Feb 20Ideas
Feb 27Water Ban 2
Mar 6Cat
Mar 13The Four Rs
Mar 20Chime Out
Apr 3Aliens
Apr 10Ideas
Apr 16Easter Dinner
Apr 244-20?
May 85-4?
May 15Going to the Dogs
May 22Fat
May 293-Day Weekend
Jun 5Dichotomy
Jun 19I what?
Jun 26Spaced Out
Jul 3Early
Jul 10Motivation
Jul 17Comic Con Job
Jul 24Noise
Jul 31Struggling
Aug 7Numeronyms
Aug 14No Comic This Week
Aug 21Eclipse
Aug 28Mowing
Sep 4Holiday
Sep 11The Shallow Dips of the Ring
Sep 18The Two Jokers
Sep 25Return of the Ring
Oct 2Accident Prone
Oct 9Costume 1
Oct 16Costume 2
Oct 23Costume 3
Oct 30Costume 4
Nov 6Daylight Losing Time
Nov 12Sick…
Nov 27Bilbo’s Nightmare
Dec 4B&W
Dec 11Play
Dec 18Christmas Present


Jan 1Resolutions 2018
Jan 8Cold
Jan 15Forgetable Quotes
Jan 22Headache
Jan 29Assistant
Feb 4Super Bowl
Feb 12Clash of the Tech
Feb 19Illuminating Dislexa
Feb 27Cat Plot
Mar 5Time
Mar 12DSTined for Failure
Mar 19More Numeronyms?
Mar 26Weather or Not
Apr 2Paintball
Apr 9Black and White
Apr 17Taxing
Apr 30Reveille
May 7Reveille 2
May 14Drones
May 21Cryptic
May 28Currency
Jun 4Lunch
Jun 18FTL
Jun 25Punt
Jul 2Galactic Travel
Jul 9To Neptune
Jul 16Patreon
Jul 23Socks
Jul 30Brains
Aug 20Garage Door Opener
Aug 27Phone
Sep 3Labors of the Day
Sep 10Diseased
Sep 17Sofa bed
Sep 27Under the Radar
Oct 1Having Fun?
Oct 31Treat or Trick?
Nov 5Chicken
Nov 19Shelved
Dec 3Blocks
Dec 10Streaming
Dec 17Cleaning


Jan 7Mornings
Jan 14Street Legal?
Jan 21Winter Storm
Feb 4Hourly Comics
Feb 18Mistakes
Mar 4Frozen Foods
Mar 10Daylight Savings
Mar 18March 18
Mar 25Aloe, Beautiful
Apr 1April Fooled
Apr 8Whenever
Apr 22Twitch Itch
Apr 29Let the Bot Do It
May 13Late
Jun 3BBQ
Jun 10When Wildebeasts Attack
Jun 17Review
Jul 1Next Week
Jul 8Meds
Jul 16One Small Step
Jul 29Searching
Aug 12Chores
Aug 19Popeye
Aug 26Avoiding Work
Sep 2Working From Home
Sep 9Patreon?
Sep 23Book
Oct 6Out Sick
Oct 14Project Problems
Oct 21Rush
Oct 28Hallow…
Nov 4Dungeon Crawl
Nov 19Dungeon Crawl 2
Nov 29Obligatory (Post-)Thanksgiving Comic
Dec 2Dungeon Crawl 3
Dec 9Dungeon Crawl 3
Dec 16Dungeon Crawl 4
Dec 23Dungeon Crawl 5


Jan 13Dungeon Crawl 6
Jan 20Dungeon Crawl 7
Jan 27Ideas
Feb 2Palindrome
Feb 10Story Line
Feb 14Valentines
Feb 24Keep Your Hands Off Kaitou
Mar 9DST
Mar 16Covid
Mar 23Covid Rules
Mar 30I Swear…
Apr 6Fan Art… Not
Apr 13Not Again
Apr 19Snow Day in April
May 4Tunnel
May 11Going Out
May 25TP Dilemma
Jun 2
Jun 15Pourover
Sep 15Moving
Sep 22Announcement
Sep 28Adverse Anniversary
Oct 12Sleep
Oct 26Eternal Plot
Nov 2NaNoWha?
Nov 9Animation
Dec 1Writing by the Potted Plant


Jan 4Year 2021
Jan 19Those Aren’t Mushrooms
Jan 26Lapblob
Feb 2Hourlies 2021
Feb 9Real Pie Chart
Mar 2Pie Chart, the Sequel
Mar 16NFT
Apr 13Omission
May 19Gone but Forgotten
Jun 15Writing
Aug 16Free Comic Book Day?
Sep 13Bird Feeder
Sep 20Very Short Attention Span Podcast 1
Sep 26Very Short Attention Span Podcast 2
Sep 27Very Short Attention Span 3 – Special Edition
Oct 4Very Short Attention Span Podcast 4
Oct 11Very Short Attention Span Podcast 5
Oct 18Cartoon Block
Oct 31Spooky
Nov 9Daylight Savings
Nov 22Thanksgiving 2021
Dec 6Options
Dec 20Christmas Tree
Dec 27Dead Week


Jan 5Winter Sports
Jan 17Repitition
Jan 31Home, home on Lagrange
Feb 14Valentine Candy
Feb 28Pizza
Mar 21Network Down
Apr 4Bookplate
Apr 18Bitcoin
Apr 25The Smell of Musk
May 9Artwork
May 30Deer, deer
Jun 13Reread
Jul 18Greetings
Aug 1Font Memories
Aug 15Gone Phishin’
Sep 5Con Reminders
Sep 12Speech Too Taxed
Sep 25National Comic Book Day
Sep 2714 Years
Oct 17Comics from Code
Oct 31The Not-So-Great Pumpkin
Nov 8For the Birds
Nov 13Lost at Sea
Nov 26Sparky’s 100th
Dec 30Mummy’s the Word


Jan 9Webtoons
Jan 16Desk Job
Jan 23AI Art
Feb 13Recurse: Cursed Again
Feb 20ChatWTF
Mar 27Book?
Apr 17Ninja-Wizard
May 8Midnight Ideas
Jun 20Low Bar
Sep 27Lethal Punishment
Nov 13MIA
Dec 18Bogo Logo


Jan 3Scraping
Jan 29Mousing Around
Feb 19Call Menu
Mar 14TED Talk
Apr 29Wordsmith
May 13Time Flies

Blob, P.I.

The Blob as a Private Investigator looks for a lost bird.
Nov 25, 2009Blob, P.I.
Nov 28, 2009Blob PI, part 2
Dec 02, 2009Blob, P.I., part 3
Dec 05, 2009Blob, P.I., part 4
Dec 09, 2009Blob, P.I., part 5
Dec 12, 2009Blob, P.I., part 6
Dec 16, 2009Blob, P.I., part 7
Dec 19, 2009Blob, P.I., part 8
Dec 23, 2009Blob, P.I., part 9

Fairy Tale

A Fairy Tale about a Princess captured by an evil Photo Bird.

Spaced Out

Adventures - in space!
May 27, 2013Spaced Out 1
Jun 04, 2013Spaced Out 2
Jun 09, 2013Spaced Out 3
Jun 16, 2013Spaced Out 4
Jun 23, 2013Spaced Out 5
Jul 01, 2013Spaced Out 6
Jul 07, 2013Spaced Out 7
Jul 14, 2013Spaced Out 8
Jul 22, 2013Spaced Out 9
Jul 29, 2013Spaced Out 10
Aug 04, 2013Spaced Out 11
Aug 11, 2013Spaced Out 11
Aug 19, 2013Spaced Out 12
Aug 26, 2013Spaced Out 13

Rock Budgers

A spoof of old sci-fi movies.
Sep 21, 2014Storytime
Oct 19, 2014Special Effects
Oct 29, 2014Arrival at Vespa
Nov 02, 2014Job Hunting
Nov 09, 2014Prospect
Nov 16, 2014A Deal Is Made
Dec 07, 2014Got the Job
Dec 14, 2014Rock On
Dec 22, 2014Caught
Jan 18, 2015Interrogation
Jan 25, 2015Swallowed
Feb 01, 2015Cavity Search
Feb 08, 2015Cavity Search 2
Feb 15, 2015Cavity Search 3
Feb 22, 2015Nabbed
Mar 01, 2015Failure
Mar 09, 2015Them's the Rocks
Mar 15, 2015Final Payment