In case you’re wondering what happened to the last two updates, well, Real Life interfered, big time.

Last weekend (4/8 comic):
Decided to get taxes done early (like that worked). Tried an update of Wine (program that lets me run Windows programs under Linux) which hosed my use of Manga Studio 5 to a greater degree than normal. Reverted back to previous version which didn’t put it back like it was. I forget what happened Monday evening. Decided to punt to following weekend…

This weekend (4/15 comic):
Saturday, finished taxes (yay!). Tried to fix basic problem with Wine running MS5; gave up after a while.

Sunday, started on comic, trying to work around existing bug, but needed to get to bed early because I needed to get up early Monday.

Monday: got up early to do ham radio support (net control) for Boston Marathon. I was almost done with my stint (had two stations to close) when the explosions occurred. Stayed another 4 hours. Dropped another ham off at his house on the way home. Still needed to do dinner. Lo-o-o-ong day.

Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are already booked.  I also have another comic web site to fix on Thursday (not one of mine).

I still need to fix Wine, but I can probably work around it.