Sorry about the lack of posts – unusual real life issues.

The last three weekends were spent retiling the kitchen. bathroom, laundry room, closet and connecting hallway. The old linoleum was curling up along the edges and seams, partly due to being 24 years old and partly due to a not-so-great installation job. So, it was decided to retile the area and cut the cost somewhat by doing it myself along with help of my trusty, talented friends (being in the “Trade Help with Home Construction Tasks” crowd).

Of course, that means that I had to move everything off the floor of said rooms until it was done (yesterday). Said stuff was all over the rest of the house, including the family room, dining room, garage and office, the last of which meant it was blocking my way to the laptop I do the comic on. Now that it’s done, I have to move everything back.


Hopefully, I’ll have a path cleared to my laptop and can get a comic out later this week (no bets).