There’s an easy way to help support the webcomics you read: don’t block ads on their site.

Many webcomickers get revenue through ads. If you block them, they get paid less, especially if the ad run is based on impressions, the number of times the ad is seen, either directly or indirectly.

Yes, I know some of the ads are a pain to look at (which is why I wish they would enable control of animated images in google chrome), but it’s worth it to show your support for the webcomic you’re reading, right? Besides, you might actually find a useful ad in the group (like a link to another good webcomic!).

So, please whitelist the site or do whatever it takes for the ad to be displayed so the people who took time to write and draw the comics you read can get some compensation for your enjoyment.

I know somebody wrote an more in-depth article on this recently; if I find the link, I’ll post it here.