Too many experiments going on in this one:

  • different approach to cross-hatching
  • different style of shading said cross-hatching
  • different style of speed lines
  • new font for the scream (hand drawn)
  • different balloon style for some of the balloons (not really happy with the results)
  • not really fond of the sequencing in the last panel.

Cross-hatching with a Wacom (non-Cintiq) is a real pain. I find myself tending to curve the line at the end. Keeping spacing anything close to even is impossible. I should try doing a real inking cross-hatch sometime to see how that works out.

The only reason I don’t do real ink often is that it is much easier to plan (and erase and replan) the comic digitally. What I should probably do is “pencil” it in gimp, print it out, ink on a light-box and scan the inked version back in. But, that would require me getting (or building) a light box…