Our motley crew in glorious black-and-white.

The Blob

A black, easily disgruntled blob. The proto-character. A placeholder for all things comicky.

Comics: 542
Recent Appearance: Call Menu
First Appearance: A Start?

Stick Figure

A generic stick figure. Used when the artist is too lazy to create a new character. Comes in different flavors.

Comics: 354
Recent Appearance: Mousing Around
First Appearance: Art style

Sprite Stick-Figure Cat Girl

Pretty much everything that can be wrong with a character. Has tuna breath. She is also naked (not that you could tell).

Comics: 43
Recent Appearance: Fan Art... Not
First Appearance: Sprites, and, uh, less?

Photo Bird

A photo of a bird that was sitting on the artist's deck railing. I think it had just had a sip out of the sop bowl, thus the disgusted look on its beak. Has picked up some obscene traits (probably from Jeph Jacques' Yelling Bird - or possibly the artist after stubbing his toe).

Comics: 23
Recent Appearance: Christmas Tree
First Appearance: Art style

"Engraved" Man

A man drawn in the style of a late 19th century engraving. Cloned a lot since he's a royal pain to draw.

Comics: 7
Recent Appearance: Fan Art... Not
First Appearance: Regarding Wondermark.com

Frogmouth Bird

A frogmouth bird (duh).

Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: Fan Art... Not
First Appearance: Frogmouth Bird