Well, so far, so good on the new schedule.

More site experiments: added the “Share this” links or, as it is more appropriately titled, “Inflict this on others.”

After doing the upgrade to the latest WordPress and ComicPress, I noticed that the title font was smaller that it used to be and mushed up for some reason.  After fixing the css, I checked it out and found that IE and Chrome were rendering the fonts larger than Firefox.  So much for standards.

I also noticed that the comic looked horrid in IE.  This turned out to be due to the image being shrunk from it regular size and IE doing a lousy job of shrinking it.  I’ve widened the site to accomidate the larger comic.  Hope this doesn’t adversely affect those of you with smaller screens.

I’m also trying custom voting buttons, currently for Top Web Comics and WebcomicZ. Also added a “mynameise” contact link.