Maaaan! This comic did not come out as well as I had hoped.

Instead of using gimp, I used Manga Studio 5 under Linux/wine and was fighting window-focus/pen problems the entire time. It seems that if you use the keyboard, the Wacom pen goes into pressure (or something) jitter mode. The line  would come out blobby looking or wouldn’t draw at all. I could only fix it by moving the cursor out using the mouse (not the stylus) and back into the window. This is obviously a wine bug.

And, since this was a new tool, I was fighting UI reflexes (“Whadya mean I can’t drag the canvas using the button on the stylus?”)  and unfamiliar program syndrome (“They hide that option where?”). Not to mention having a case of too-lazy-to-read-the-manual-itis.

Before I forget (actually, after I forgot), the stylistic changes in panel 2 are from {Mini,Maxi}mumble (that’s two comics both by Chris Hallbeck of “The Book of Biff” fame) and the last panel is a variant of a pup from nemu*nemu by Audra Furuichi and Scott Yoshinaga.